How it Works

For institutions interested in exploring the addition of digital cinema to their programs, the task can be daunting. Leases, hardware costs, maintenance contracts, content sourcing and operational planning can complicate the launch and management of a fledgling theater.

Cinéfolio greatly simplifies the process and our team of experienced institutional cinema veterans will assist with financial pro-formas, budgeting, and operational consultation.

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Film Portfolio

The Cinéfolio library is constantly expanding, and includes films from the most respected and successful producers and distributors in the museum and immersive cinema business – Giant Screen Films, BBC Earth, National Geographic, Cosmic Picture, SK Films, K2 Studios, and more. The Cinéfolio portfolio of compelling, award-winning educational films covers a wide range of topics with deep connections to core curriculum: space, oceans, weather, prehistoric life, ancient cultures, engineering, world destinations, and more. Enriching new titles are added annually.

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Client Support

All the equipment in each Cinéfolio package is fully covered under a comprehensive system support program provided by D3D Cinema. With over sixty years of technical support experience overseeing a network of almost 100 installations, D3D is recognized worldwide for fast and reliable client-centric support.

Film Portal

Every Cinéfolio member institution has unlimited access to a secure customer portal to view every film in the library in its entirety, in high resolution, allowing clients to navigate film selections at their own pace. D3D Cinema’s Cinéfolio sales team is always available to offer guidance or provide more information on films in the library.