3D Sun

24 Minutes

  • Wildlife & Natural History
  • Oceans & Marine Life
  • Prehistoric Life
  • History & Civilization
  • Space & Aerospace
  • Earth Science & Engineering
  • Young Audiences Pre-K

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Narrated by Al Roker

From Earth we cannot look at the Sun with human eyes. 3d Sun gives audiences the chance to see the sun up close in dazzling, high-definition 3D. Stand above the artic circle and witness the most brilliant auroras on Earth. Take a ride on a solar blast from Sun’s surface to Earth’s Magnetosphere. Witness the most powerful explosions in the solar system – equal to the force of a billion megaton nuclear bombs.

In October 2006, NASA launched twin spacecraft from a single rocket in Florida – spacecraft that would, for the first time in the history of space exploration, capture space-born, high-definition 3D images of the Sun. In 3D SUN, the leading NASA scientists from the mission unveil these images and take us behind the scenes, to tell the story of the Sun and why it is of crucial importance to all of us.